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Joy and Healing

Dayrosia is an alternative healing and preventative care services that provides skincare products, massage, and spa services. Through our natural skincare line, we educate our clients on their bodies and skin in ways that traditional doctors do not. Dayrosia is primarily working with men and women who do not feel their bet selves and looking for an alternative approach to reduce severe skin issues, tension, pain and stress.


Dayrosia is already an established company and brand under the name Butterfli, our studio's mission is to create rebranding identity for Dayrosia by creating a new brand strategy, identity, and develop meaningful touch points.



Our objective is to create brand strategy and identity for Dayrosia that appeals as an alternative healing brand and appeals to women and men of all ages.


Equilateral Studio helped to envision brand strategy and identity for Dayrosia. We have also helped Dayrosia to implement the brand identity into many customer touch points, including packaging design, social media design, interior design, and large scale design such as table cloth, bed sheets, tote bags, and many more.

Creating The Strategy

As part of our approach, we had Discovery session with Dayrosia's founder, Felica DeRoza. In this session, we articulate vision and mission for Dayrosia, establishing the best route to map out Dayrosia's strategy and its future. In addition to this session, we had a session to establish Dayrosia's visual identity where we explore further how best we can create branding identity for Dayrosia.


Getting To Know The Customer

Dayrosia supports joy and healing. Their sole purpose is to bring alternative healing for men and women who is struggling with skin issues, stress, tension, and pain. Dayrosia's customer is someone who is burnt out from work, have stress-related or exercise-related injury, or someone who is struggling with different skincare issues and frustrated that other products are not working for them. 

We have pin pointed the customer challenge and able to establish a rational goal, in which they are looking for time to relax and unwind, using our products and services to improve their physical and mental health, and improving their skin health.

Final Pattern-15.png


Burnt Out

Lack of Confidence

Stress Tension

Severe Skin Issues

pexels-rfstudio-4177825 (1).jpg


The Brand

Through our various Discovery and Identity session, we were able to determine Dayrosia's key brand pillars and to verbalise vision and mission statement. This process helped us to encompass Dayrosia's strategy and identity.

Vision and Mission Statement

We crafted Vision & Mission Statement from our Discovery Session with Felica to determine a core statement for Dayrosia.


Vision Statement

We vision a space for women and men to go to bring their health back driven by alternative healing to bring joy and happiness to the lives of women who feel insecure within their own skin.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide massage therapy and skin care products for women and men of all ages through online website, and retail boutiques.

Brand Identity

Through our identity session, we have established several keywords that are important to convey joy, personalisation, and therapeutic. This inspire us to create a visual identity that symbolises peace, therapy, and positivity.

The Primary Logo

Primary Logo

Logo Outline.png

We envision a logo identification that is symbolises an entrance the world of Dayrosia— the arch shaped outline is taken from the use of arch door at holy places such as temple, church which signifies peace, calmness and serenity. Within the arch, the are three main components, the oval and rectangle are symbols for the skincare products. The yellow rose symbolises the brand name, Dayrosia. Finally, the abstract figure symbolises an aura of a person, this represents our client.

Dayrosia Logomark-17.png


the best type

For Dayrosia’s typeface and logotype, we are using specifically serif typeface which connotes elegance, heritage, and luxury. We want to approach the personality of our brand that reflects quality and trust their products and services.



Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz


Choosing a color palette

Dayrosia’s colour palette represents peacefulness, reliability, and positivity. Dayrosia’s rose colour represents self love, romance, and kinddness, whereas the brown represents reliability, strength and solid. Dayrosia’s joyful yellow is energising, bursting our positive energy.

Colour Palette.png


Pattern Design

Dayrosia’s pattern design is inspired by from our logomark, we created two options for the pattern, one of which is with the arch of the logomark and the other one is without the arch releasing the components inside of the logo and roam free as a pattern for the brand.

Marketing Assets

After creating a comprehensive brand identity, we started to implement the brand identity into the marketing assets, such as social media content. Our marketing strategist have pin pointed three main digital marketing objectives alongside with tone of voice and brand lexicon; increase brand awareness, drive traffic and sales, and grow online community.


With this strategy, our strategist develops social media content with several ideas that can be engaging for potential customers; such as Health & wellness resources, Customer reviews, Dayrosia products, and Giveaways & Games. We want to convey that we are knowledgeable and educative platform as well.

Digital MockUp.jpg

Creating the

Website Design

We created Dayrosia's website design to fit its brand identity and also creating a user experience that is evoke the environment of Dayrosia that is peaceful, calm, and joyful.

Website Design.png


Print Assets

The print assets that we have created for Dayrosia has to carry our brand identity, we have developed business cards, gift cards, gift vouchers, and loyalty cards. We implement the brand identity into the print assets.


Packaging Design

Our packaging design for Dayrosia’s products are including box for soapbar, bottles and jar for the liquid products. We have specifically developed the packaging to best suit the products and

Large Scale Design

Our large scale design including table cloth, bed sheets, bed covers, signage design, wall murals, pillowcases, and totebags. We have specifically designed the large scale design to maintain our brand identity and implement it effectively to visualise Dayrosia’s brand better.

Interior Design

We have also developed a large scale design within the interior design of Dayrosia’s spa. Creating wall murals and illustration that welcomes the client giving them some sort of peaceful entrance into the world of Dayrosia. Including, Dayrosia’s bed sheets, cover, and pillowcases— the experience of Dayrosia’s spa is elevated.

Dayrosia Revisin-01.png
Dayrosia Revisin-02.png