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As apart of our mission to create a healthier world by
building health-conscious holistic brands, we’re dedicating private coaching sessions to personally help business owners overcome the branding hurdles using our unique comprehensive approach. 

Meet Our Strategist:


As the CEO and lead designer for Equilateral Studio, Ko helps to provide necessary branding insights to help continue to grow one's brand without losing sight of one's target audience and core values. 

How It All Works

After you purchase your time block, you will receive an email with a link to choose the best day and time for you. 


A quick survey will be emailed to you with questions that will emphasize particular goals, allowing us to best address and find solutions to your problems.  


After the call you will receive the tangible resources for you to put in the work and grow your brand.



Ready To Grow Your Brand?

Equilateral Studio provides personalized advice and industry knowledge to better your brand and grow your potential influence. Book a session now to see how we can help you!

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